Creativity, Arts & Culture

In addition to historical sites, residents can also enjoy a multitude of cultural attractions in the City of Williamsburg: 

Kimball Theatre

The Kimball Theatre, located in Merchants Square, presents cultural events and independent films. The City hosts an outdoor Farmers' Market in Merchants Square on Saturdays from April to October, with monthly markets from November through March.

Arts Programs

Virginia Arts Festival season is widely celebrated in the City of Williamsburg. An Occasion for the Arts is an annual art festival that takes place the first weekend in October. The Williamsburg Tourism Council maintains a calendar of events and performances year-round. 

William & Mary also sponsors plays, concerts, dance performances, and lecture series that are open to the public at William & Mary Hall and Phi Beta Kappa Hall. 

Colonial Williamsburg hosts artists-in-residence and other continual arts programs.

Nearby Cultural Attractions

Nearby cultural attractions include: